Fine Art Framing

Fine Art Framing

When a great piece of framed art is at harmony with its environment, the result is sublime. Here at Eastlake Framing, you will find a team of experienced art framers able to create that work of art around your work of art. We have master art framers and designers on staff with over five decades of experience, using unmatched technical skills and an innovative, artistic approach to design. Beyond providing the essentials to protect your artistic investment, Eastlake Framing brings an array of additional services to help you from start to finish. Our expert staff will help you find the right product for your artwork framing needs and even visit your home for a free consultation. We also offer delivery and installation services to help you complete your custom framing project without jeopardizing the integrity of your art. From personal assistance with your home or office decor to support for interior designers, artists, and galleries, we pride ourselves in successfully meeting any framing need you may have.

Custom Framing

We are always honored to frame your most treasured artwork. Sometimes we get a project that simply touches our hearts and moves us to inspiration.


Have you recently remodeled, moved, or are simply ready for a fresh look? Then give your fine art a facelift by updating its frame. Reframing fine art can be the most cost-effective way to give your interior a fresh look. Beyond being budget-friendly, reframing will actually allow you to rediscover your art, pull out your favorite aspects, and unify it with your décor.


Even the most beautifully framed artwork can look out of place if it is not in harmony with its environment. Here at Eastlake Framing, we can help you unite the two with our free in-home consultation services. Match wood finishes, accentuate the accents and tones, and compare colors and even styles all in the comfort of your home. This service not only allows you to see how your artwork will interact with its environment, but also allows our expert staff to seamlessly create the perfect complement to interior design.


Art varies in size and shape and can often be easily damaged. No matter the size, shape, or condition we can ensure that your investment will be protected throughout the entire process. Just give us a call and our staff will arrange to pick up your pieces. Nothing is worse than picking up your new custom art frames and damaging it before you even get it up on the wall or being unable to fit it in your car! That is why we also offer home delivery of your artwork by our staff. Just let us know when you drop it off or contact us for more information.