Frame Restoration

Practically 99.9% of all frames brought to us for repair and/or restoration have a history that is very personal and dear to those who own or acquire the frame. Each person has an idea of what it is that will make their frame perfect for them. A little touch up here…some sanding and replacing a missing part there. Our aim is to do as much or as little as it will take to give our customers that perfect frame. A frame restoration may include a single repair (such as a broken corner) or a complete frame remake, which may include casting, sanding, carving, rejoining, gilding and finishing.

This richly-colored print found a new home in a simple white mat and a Larson-Juhl frame that’s a nod to it’s original gold frame while now being able to mesh beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Oil Painting Restoration

We also offer expert oil painting and antique frame restoration services. Owner Deb Spicer is a certified oil painting and antique frame restoration specialist. We take great care with this process, knowing how much each painting means to each customer.

Art Restoration
Oil Restoration

Photo Restoration

Breathe life back into your old photos. 

Piano Photo Restoration
Family Photo Restoration

Restoration Services include:

  • Applying new varnish
  • Cleaning painting by removing darkening and/or yellowing varnish
  • Inpainting missing or damaged “content” that matches the artist’s original color palette and brush technique
  • Eradicating mold
  • Removing smoke and dirt
  • Repairing holes, tears, and scratches
  • Correcting loose and chipped paint
  • Restretching loose canvas

*We will always discuss with you the best course of action for the painting and can provide written quotations on request for insurance work. Communication is important—ongoing communication throughout the entire process.

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