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Not Your Grandma’s Garage Sale


After 30 years in the business, we’ve collected quite the assortment of goodies along the way.

From handcrafted custom frames to beautiful prints, artwork, and photographs by some of the top artists and photographers in the area and beyond, you’re sure to find some good deals on a new treasure for your home. Or find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one to spice up their living area for the summer.

So stop by our garage sale at 1335 NW Galveston Ave. in Bend on Friday, July 24 from 9-5. Don’t miss the chance to find something even your grandma would not want to miss!

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Liven Up Your Home With Custom Framing This Spring!

Spring is about new growth and renewal. What better time of year to start fresh with some updates to your home? And the best part is, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to achieve this. With just a few simple, easy changes, you can create a new space that you’ll fall in love with.

May blog 1Hang a collection

Take those old collector’s items and put them on display! They’ll turn into eye-catching ornaments you never knew you had.





May blog 2Switch out an art piece

Swap one art piece with another, add some new throw pillows to match, and voila! You’ve got a whole new room.



May blog 3Mix it up

Mix different materials and textures to give a room more depth.



May blog 4Brighten it up

Introduce some color onto your walls, like this blue that is both versatile and neutral.



May blog 5Put a mirror to good use

Position a custom-framed mirror so it reflects a window with a view, giving the room more light.




There you have it! With just a few tweaks, you can make some beautiful updates to your home. Bring it on, spring cleaning.

Do you have more ideas? Share them with us in the comments, or better yet, with a photo on our Facebook page!

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Custom Framing for First-Timers


Did you recently acquire a special piece that needs a custom frame? Have you been sitting on a piece, but haven’t got around to bringing it in? Are you redecorating? Whatever the occasion, there’s a first time custom framing for everyone. The lovely ladies at Eastlake Framing are happy to help you out, but until then, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Step 1: Understand the difference between custom-made and ready-made frames

Truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to frame types. A ready-made frame will work just fine for objects that are cut to standard size and are not precious, including posters and digital photos that you can reprint at the click of a button. But for heirloom, semi-precious, or irreplaceable artwork, preservation and framing materials are key, which makes custom framing the clear choice. It’s also the preferred method for framing objects such as 3D items, projects with elaborate mat designs, or framing that is specifically made to fit into a certain interior design.

Step 2: Selecting the right frame

There are many considerations to be taken when choosing a frame. Materials, such as metal and wood, can affect the quality and mood of the finished product. Mat boards are versatile and are dependent on many different things, such as medium of the object, colors, and size. Next, mounting boards are a much more straightforward decision, but quality counts here; cardboard backing is acidic and can yellow artwork. Finally, you must choose what type of glass, or glazing, you want for your frame, ranging from standard, anti-glare, and ultraviolet.

Step 3: Making the frame

Between materials, mat boards, mounting boards, and glazing, you’ve got a lot to consider–let alone putting it all together with the correct dimensions. Not to worry. We’re here to help you pick out what’s best for your project and put it all together. We’ll even do complementary home visits so we can better harmonize your art with its new environment.

Step 4: Bringing it home!

Once it’s all done, you’re free to take your finished piece home! We’ll give you tips on things like transport (so that you don’t damage it en route) and how to arrange or hang it on the wall.

These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing a custom frame. But the benefits are clear, and in the end you’ll have a beautifully framed piece that will last a lifetime and more. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years now, so we’ve got you covered. Call us at 541-389-3770 or visit our website [linked] for more information!

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