Give life to your paintings.

Give life to your paintings.
Deb, the owner of Eastlake Framing, working on a painting restoration of a family heirloom.

Why Restoration?

In today’s throw-away world, why restore at all? Because there is life in these paintings, even if it’s hidden under years of neglect. Hiring the right painting restoration expert can bring these treasures back to life.

Family and history

Your oil painting may show the likeness of a long-gone family member. In many cases, the painting may pre-date photography and represent the only visual link to a part of your family’s past. Your painting could be the first artistic attempts of your grandfather and, while the barn is not quite in perspective, it shows your family’s original homestead on the Great Plains.


Sentimental value

You may have purchased your old painting on your honeymoon in a small antique shop and viewing it reminds you of happy times. Most oil paintings that Eastlake Framing restores have been on display in a home environment for many years; exposed to dust, wood stove ash or cigarette smoke. They need tender care to bring their original luster back. Know that when you bring your restoration project to a certified restoration specialist at Eastlake, your artwork will receive the care and attention it deserves.

Restoration with care

Although Deb loves framing and could never step away from it, she went back to school to learn the technique and process of oil painting and frame restoration under a master ten years ago. “I fell immediately, madly, passionately in love with it. I love doing it, everything about it. You have to be very patient and meticulous. It forces you to slow down the typical fast-paced lifestyle, almost like meditation. That’s why I love it.” Deb says with a smile.


Her favorite part of the process is preserving family history. Many of the paintings she works on are either of someone’s family member or were painted by someone’s family member. There are so much history and love in every piece. Pieces take shape during the restoration process; a dreary day may turn to sunshine, and customers often cry when they are able to see the completed pieces. Being able to add this new service to her business has been a fun and rewarding process for Deb and she looks forward to each new piece that comes in.

Do you have a painting or frame that you have considered restoring? If so, stop by our shop, we’d love to help.

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