10 Christmas gift ideas that are sure to be a success

Custom framed gifts don’t have to be just photos–although those can be great, too. We’ve got 10 ideas for the perfect gift: sentimental, meaningful, creative, and personalized presents that will make your Christmas shopping 10 times easier. The options are endless! Read on for inspiration.


1. Take a loved one’s unworn, unused, and broken jewels and transform them with custom framing.


2. Make a gift for a significant other by mapping out the locations of significant events in your relationship.


3. Make a framed photo of grandma with her trademark recipe. Or go all out and make one for each grandma in your family and hang them in a grouping on your dining room wall.


4. Use a picture frame as plate with your food gift. Put the recipe in the picture frame.


5. Each soldier has a story to be told. Display medals, documents, photos, and awards in a shadowbox.


6.  A cute idea for dad.


7. Great gift for a music lover! Take an old musical instrument, album covers, ticket stubs, sheet music, and tie it all together in a custom shadow box.


8. Use a shadow box to showcase your favorite memorabilia from your daughter’s childhood. What a precious gift!


9. 4 generations.


10. Custom frame medals, pictures, numbers, etc. from a loved one’s sporting events as a special gift.


Did one of these spark your interest? Do you have a different idea in mind? Give us a call at 541-389-3770 or visit us in the shop to help us help you make the perfect gift!


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