5 Easy Tips to Update Your Home: All You Need is a Custom Frame!


The goal of every custom framer is to harmonize art with its surroundings. That’s why framing experts always stay on trend with the latest styles in the industry. At Eastlake, we work with interior designers, contractors, painters, photographers, artists and more to ensure our frames keep pace with the shifting styles in home decor.

And while most of us hardly have time to keep up with our seasonal decor from one holiday to the next, we have some easy solutions to help keep your home looking current and fresh all year round. All you need is a custom frame and a spark of creativity!

1. We love a beautiful hardwood floor, but adding a wooden frame into the room can make it feel overwhelming. So rather than choosing a frame that matches the floor, consider one with a contrasting finish.This way, your artwork will pop instead of fading into the background.

2. Open floor plans make for spacious homes. But they also mean less wall space to hang your art. Look for unique places to display the piece, like above a doorway, in the corner on a floor easel, or on bookcase shelves. Open floor plans with fewer walls also draw the eye to your artwork from a longer distance. This is your opportunity to choose more dramatic pieces for a great focal point!

3. With open floor plans often come vaulted ceilings. Fill the space with vertical pieces of art. If you have pairs of artwork or a set, you can hang them vertically on the wall instead of across it to take advantage of the extra height. You can also try matting your borders bottom weighted or elongated to fill more vertical space.

4. Colorful walls can be very fashionable if they are well executed. The good news is that whether your walls are colorful or more neutral, neutral matte colored frames provide the flexibility to look good on either background.

5. Last but not least, play with your frames! Instead of just hanging them on a wall, try leaning them on a mantel, shelf, or other piece of furniture. You can also get crazy and combine and overlap multiple pieces to get the look you want.

You have unlimited options when it comes to improving your home, and our custom framing experts at Eastlake are here to help! Subscribe to our enewsletter for more tips like these. If you need additional assistance, feel free to call us and schedule a free in home consultation so we can better relate your art to its environment.