Beyond the Frame: How Eastlake Gives Back to Central Oregon


‘Tis the season for giving and Debbie Spicer, owner of Eastlake Framing, has found a way to give back with her business. Since 1984, Deb has donated her time and countless frames for photos and paintings to benefit charity auctions and nonprofits in the Bend area. Thirty years later, Eastlake Framing has contributed thousands of dollars to more than 40 organizations in Bend, including Healing Reins, Chimps Inc., COCC, Ghost Tree Invitational, and the High Desert Museum. Sign up for our newsletter to hear more about what Eastlake is up to in the community!

Getting started

“Love what you do, do it with integrity, and always give back to the community,” says Deb. Although the need to give can seem overwhelming, Deb knows that she can’t be involved in every local cause or effort. That’s why she focuses on the charities where her donations and talents are most effective.

Deb’s commitment to giving started back in the photo-processing business she owned after college. One night, she volunteered to process prints during a high school prom. She stayed up all night through the adolescent antics and stumbling slow dances to make sure the students received their photos before they departed.

Socially responsible business

While Eastlake believes deeply in the philanthropic rewards of its work, Deb maintains that the benefits of charity extend beyond the heart.

“Over the years, I have come to realize that companies with a strong sense of community involvement have a competitive edge over those that are solely focused on their financial statement,” she says. “People like to do business with companies they respect and that reflect their own values. Eastlake Framing can be socially responsible and still make money.”

Thirty years of giving

In 2014, Eastlake will look back on 30 years of philanthropic work in the community. Our resolution for the new year is to give even more. Fundraising events we support next year include the COCC “Meal of the Year” on March 1 that provides life-changing scholarships for many students in the area. We are also excited to help out Quota International of Central Oregon with their efforts to support children with hearing disabilities. Read more about the organizations Eastlake has supported here!

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  1. Not only an amazing women & friend but Deb enriches the entire business community in Bend. Blessing to these charities and to anyone that is lucky enough to have any relationship with be it business or personal! Thank you Deb for giving back. You inspire me personally & professionally.

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