The benefits of custom framing

The benefits of custom framing

Some people wonder whether there’s a difference between custom picture framing and purchasing a “standard” size, store-bought frame from a department or craft store. But there is a difference, and it can matter greatly, especially if the art or item you intend to put in that frame has any sort of value or is of a specific dimension.

There are many reasons why choosing custom framing over store-bought frames is a better option. Here are just a few.

Personalizing your home or workspace with custom framing is a great way to express your personality and to enjoy your surroundings. While others can go to the store and buy the same sofa, tables and lamps that you have, it is highly unlikely anyone will ever have the exact same custom framing as you. Regardless of what you choose to have framed for your home, whether it is a favorite piece of art, a mirror, or an object inherited from an ancestor, it will add interest to your space.

Different types of art require their own special treatment — a canvas should not be framed in the same way as a charcoal sketch, as a needlework, etc. A custom picture framer has likely framed thousands of prints and photographs and knows what mistakes to avoid. He or she will have an intimate knowledge of color, style, size, proportion and design that will help you decide on what frame is best for your home or office. This will give you confidence in knowing the job was done professionally.

A professional framer has specialized tools and techniques and that, when combined with their knowledge, ensure a high quality product. A store-bought frame is often made of plastic or resin, the glass is probably not UV (ultra violet light is an “art killer”) and could be a sheet of acetate, the mat is usually made from a wood cellulose product, and the backing is generally cardboard. All of these materials will damage any type of art because they contain high levels of acidity, which is extremely harmful to the art. Furthermore, the size of the art dictates the final size of the mat and frame. With a custom framer, you won’t be force fitting your art into the only frame sizes available at the store.

Custom picture framing shops often have a wide variety of materials to choose from and are able to find the materials that are often hard to find and expensive to order individually. They also offer unlimited choices in moulding and matting. This allows us to better harmonize your art with its environment and give you a finished product that reflects your individuality. It also allows us to frame and display items that might be difficult to fit into a traditional frame, such as old jewelry or a graduation cap.

Over time, art can fade, turn yellow, and be damaged by light. The materials that a custom framer uses are scientifically designed to help protect your art. High quality, acid-free materials protect your art and keep it in pristine condition, so you can be sure that your treasured item will stand the test of time. Custom framing also increases value retention–improperly treated art will quickly deteriorate and lose its value.

Supporting a custom framer means you are supporting a local business. Eastlake has been in business for 30 years now, and we couldn’t do it without our loyal customers in the community! Come into the shop or call us at 541-389-3770 to see what we can do for you.

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  1. Custom picture framing is helpful to choose the frames of our choice. We can decorate a picture according to our choice.
    Thanks for this informative post !

  2. That’s amazing that frames have the ability to preserve the art. Especially when it comes to sun damage that causes fading. I have had a few pieces sustain such a damage and I ended having to replace the art entirely.

  3. We took family pictures this past weekend. It was cool to learn that custom framing can ensure that your frames are high quality. I hope that this article can help to store our pictures and memories for a lifetime.

  4. My wife has looked all over, and just can’t find the right frame for her painting. It’s great that a professional framer can actually give you a quality that a store bought frame can’t. Since she loves this certain painting, it might be good to invest a little bit more.

  5. I loved when you mentioned how a professional can help you get quality picture frames for your art. It is important to remember that comparing several providers can help you find the best company that can get you the quality frames you need. My daughter is starting to paint professionally and we want to find the best frames to protect her art, so I’m glad I found your page.

  6. I hadn’t thought about how a custom frame could make your art look more unique. My wife and I have been looking for frames to hang our art in. It would make sense to choose a custom frame because we could also choose one that matches our house.

  7. It was said that having a custom frame can personalize the picture. My grandmother has a work of art that has never been framed. Maybe it would be a good idea to have that done for her.

  8. I love that you mentioned how custom framing pictures or artwork is a great way to personalize your home. I’ve been thinking about options to make my home more interesting and inviting and expressing myself in the process. That’s why I think this could be a great option for me. I’ll definitely look for some artwork or maybe an old family picture to frame. I appreciate your information about the benefits of custom framing for your workplace or your home.

  9. I love works of art. That is something that I like to look at especially attending exhibits and visiting galleries. It got me interested when you talked about the difference between the usual frames and those custom-made ones. I like when you discuss materials used choices that will fit the finished products. And I agree that proper framing will help in scientific designs that keep the work of art in good condition.

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